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13 - 21 November 2020

Curated by Citra Pratiwi

Mutiara Riswari, alongside fellow artists Diana Puspita Putri and Utami Dewi Godjali, participates in the Next Feminine art exhibition curated by Citra Pratiwi at NA Arthouse.Next Feminine represents an endeavor and invitation for art enthusiasts to contemplate how contemporary Indonesian art is viewed through a female perspective. It prompts viewers to perceive how femininity possesses power within the aesthetics of visual art. While art can be seen as a theory of technical creation or an academic theory concerning aesthetics, what makes art compelling and distinctive among artists is also one's reaction. In this exhibition, we can appreciate how the presence of "femininity" transcends beyond stereotypical representations of women, manifesting in bold brushstrokes, coarse lines, and daring dark colors.

Artworks from Mutiara Riswari on Next Feminine Art Exhibition at NA Arthouse 2020. Photo: MR Studio.

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