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13 January 2023

"Dara Setara's project entrusted me to respond to one of FSTVLST's songs titled 'Akulah Ibumu' to honor women's role in the world. "

"Ibu Bumi" (Mother Earth)  / 200 x 200 cm  / Acrylic, Spray Paint, Pastel on canvas  / 2023

In this work, I chose the song 'Akulah Ibumu'  by FSTVLST as the fundamental visual idea for the artwork 'Ibu Bumi' (Mother Earth). The lyrics 'Akulah Tanah, Akulah Langit, Akulah Samudra, Akulah Ibumu' (I am the earth, I am the sky, I am the ocean, I am your mother) can represent the elements of the Microcosmos itself. 

There's an expression of a distorted womb shape as an interpretation of the source of human life. Full respect to all women in the world.

Work in progress of "Ibu Bumi" artworks (doc: MR Studio)

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