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October 18th - November 18th
at Artsphere Jakarta


Critical Voyage as a series of Mutiara's solo-exhibition, is a communication of  feelings. The energy in the painting of this series appear through lines, scratches,  and colors.  Some painting are showing a contrast contradiction texture on the surface  which make this series are so authentic and unique.

File_003 (1)_edited.jpg



File_002 (1).jpeg

100 x 100

Unity #2

Acrylic, Spray, Pastel on Canvas

File_005 (1).jpeg

200 x 160

Variety Souls

Variety Souls is an illustration of the variation of humans mindset, the role of the green color interpreting about the balance in behave, the soil in this art handling the character of grounded. Combined with earth tone color and pink that also could be interpreted as magnificence and harmony.


200 x 200

Rise Up

In Rise up, I re-interpreting the point of firmness and depth psychologically by using a red color.

Soil texture that I fastening by medium resin is a form of my efforts to enshrine a moment that i realized. The role of the soil here representing down to earth as part of human characteristic.


150 x 150


In general, a fertile land as a medium will make plant grow well. “Fertile” as the title of this painting describing how intellectual human keep open to any advices and inputs so that the soil representing the media that helps human to grow in good and become wise.


200 x 200

Stand On Black

Pursuing the meaning of sturdiness itself, I try to interpret of the principles and values ​​of life in the human mindset. For me, it is no longer about ambition, but also the initiation of attitudes and actions that can form virtue. In the work “Stand on Black #1” I reinterpreted the value of firmness and depth in the psychology of black color.


100 x 100

Transition : Light On

soil, resin, acrylic, pastel, spray on canvas


80 x 60

Stand On Black #2

soil, resin, acrylic, pastel, spray on canvas

File_001 (1).jpeg

100 x 100

Growing Land #2

Growing Land#2  explaining a moment, and that moment I called The finest hour in obtaining a result.



Growing Land #1

This work entitled ‘Growing Land #1', I took the form of weeds as a symbol of strength where when it faced various brunts such as long droughts and heavy rains that hit it, it remained firmly stuck to the earth. A small example of being neglected and marginalized, looked down upon and regarded as a destructive nuisance is a simple philosophy that sometimes we as a humans don't really understand. It is also a simplification that tough humans can be born from bitter situations.



In Between #2

mix media on paper

File_004 (1).jpeg


Unity #1

One of my consciousness make me realize that all living things have to go back to the universe . I did a lot of process with white color in the form of landscape in a work of Unity#1 in order to simplify the concept of the purity. The form a peace itself I combined with blue color as a part of tranquility.

File_006 (1).jpeg


In Between #1

mix media on paper


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