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About Me.

Mutiara Riswari was born 1998 in Semarang, Indonesia. She studied at School of art Yogyakarta (2013-2016) and continued her study in Indonesian Institute of Art Yogyakarta on 2016 and finished her study on 2019. She currently lives and works in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

In her creative process, she inspired with 'Jagat Alit' terms (Javanese philosophy) as a base of her artworks. 'Jagat Alit' (microcosm) explains about connection, that humans are a form of a small universe that is interconnected with the Big Universe (macrocosm). 


Technically, many of her artworks are play with acrylic and pastels, which have always been a medium of her childhood. Her characteristic abstract patterns reflect an imaginative response to reality object. Through several phases, her inner child attached to each process. This is what encouraged Mutiara to develop her work, to connect imagination with reality. These time relations made Mutiara's consciousness focused on psychology. 


Through her transition journey, from time to time and from one place to another, she concludes that the fundamental thing is awareness. For her, an artwork is also part of the jouney for everyone who sees and creates it.


2016     Fine Art, Indonesian Art Institute of Yogyakarta, Indonesia

2013     Fine Art, School of Art Yogyakarta, Indonesia


2019       Finalist Emerging Artist “UOB Painting Of The Year 2019’

2015       Finalist Emerging Artist “UOB Painting Of The Year 2015”

2014       30 Finaslist Young Artist YSRI "Menuju Indonesia sejahtera"        

Solo Exhibition


2024 - Collaboration Alchemist Fragrance x Mutiara Riswari for "Al-Fitr"                    Limited Edition 2024 

2023 - Live Painting "Dara Setara" Concert at Lib Studio Yogyakarta

Selected Group Exhibition

2024 - Art Care Indonesia by Artjog at Jogja National Museum Yogyakarta 

        - "Suara-Suara" Yogya Annual Art #9 at Bale Banjar Sangkring Yogyakarta 

        - "Jill Stu Art Is.." exhibition by What Cafe x Jill Stuart Japan at What Cafe Terrada Tokyo, Japan

        - Art Jakarta Gardens 2024, with ArtSphere at Hutan Kota by Plataran, Jakarta Pusat


2023 - Art Jakarta 2023 at JIExpo Kemayoran Jakarta 

        - Duo Showcase with Sicovecas at All About Art Gallery Singapore 

        - Art Fair Asia Fukuoka 2023 at Marine Messe Fukuoka Japan 

        - Art Moment Jakarta 2023 at Sheraton Grand Gandaria City Hotel Jakarta 

        - "Elegi Buih" Exhibition at Art Agenda SEA Jakarta 

        - "In Different Ways" exhibition at Gallery Hayashi + Art Bridge Tokyo Japan

        - "Under The Sun" Group exhibition with Art Agenda at Art Moment Bali InterContinental Bali Resort 

        - "INFIN" Yogya Annual Art #8 at Bale Banjar Sangkring 

        - "Pledge of Possible"by Uneed Project at LAV Gallery Yogyakarta 

        - "Expression" Exhibition Philippines x Indonesia at Limanjawi art House Magelang 

        - "Broken White Project #15" at Ace House Collective Yogyakarta 

        - Art Jakarta Gardens 2023, with ArtSphere at Hutan Kota by Plataran, Jakarta Pusat

2022 -  Creart by ala CASA Exhibition at Menara Astra Jakarta Pusat

        -  Affordable Art Fair Singapore 2022

        -  Group Showcase with White Space Art Asia at American Club Singapore 

        -  Art Jakarta ‘Again’ 2022 with Artsphere and Kobayashi Gallery at Jakarta Convention Center 

        - "Infinite Illusions” Exhibition at Art1 Museum Jakarta

        - "Offbeat" Group Exhibition at  Yogya Art Lab by Gajah Gallery

        - “WARTA#2” Exhibition at Jogja Gallery

        - “Setelah Yang Baur Enggan Usai” Exhibition at Indie Arthouse Yogyakarta

        - “Next Feminine 2.0” Exhibition at NA Arthouse Jakarta

        -  Welcoming Artworks on ASEAN collection at The ASEAN Secretariat 

        - "PIN" Group Exhibition by Tulang Rusuk community at Museum dan Tanah Liat, Yogyakarta

2021 - "Small Things, Great Meaning #4 OFFERINGS" Exhibition at Apel Watoe Contemporary Art Gallery, Magelang

        - "Table For Two" Exhibition at White Walls Gallery, Philippines

        - "Identitas Yang Hidup" Exhibition at Museum dan Tanah Liat, Yogyakarta 

        -  Yogya Annual Art #6 "TRANSBOUNDARIES" Exhibition at Bale Banjar Sangkring, Yogyakarta 
        - "WARTA" Exhibition at Jogja Gallery

        - "Vaitasa" Exhibition by Cakravala and Aksu at TLofts, Bali 


2020 - "Tribute to Basquiat" Exhibition at Langgeng Art Foundation, Yogyakarta

        - "Next Feminine" at NA Arthouse Jakarta, Indonesia

        - Virtual Exhibition Art Jakarta 2020 with Equator Art Project 

        - "Salon 2" Exhibition at Langgeng art foundation Yogyakarta, Indonesia

       -  Art Festival ASYAAF 2020 with Gallery LVS at Hongik Museum, Seoul, South Korea

       - Yogya Annual Art #5 “Hybridity” at Bale Banjar Sangkring Yogyakarta Indonesia

       - Virtual Exhibition with Indonesian and Philippines artist “The Perfect Storm: A Poem of Colors” by Langgeng Art  Foundation

       - ‘Young Artist Talent #11’ at Nakhon Ratchasima University Korat, Thailand

       - Aksi Artsy “Infinity Process” at Rj Katamsi ISI Yogyakarta Indonesia

       - “Between Identity” at Awor gallery and coffee Yogyakarta Indonesia\

2019 - ‘Kosen’ at bentara budaya Yogyakarta

        -‘Art for orang utan “good life for orangutan” #3’ at jogja national museum         

        - ‘Inside and Out’ at Greenhost Hotel Yogyakarta

        - ‘Tribute to OHD’ by Sicicin & MDTL at Bentara Budaya Yogyakarta

        - ‘Kepang’ by Tulang Rusuk Community at RJ Katamsi Yogyakarta

        - ‘Salon’ at Langgeng Art Foundation yoyakarta Indonesia

        - ‘Incumbent’ YAA #4 at Sangkring Art Space Yogyakarta Indonesia

        - ‘Un(ity) Idea’ at Nalarroepa Ruang Seni Yogyakarta Indonesia

        -  Art Festival ‘Sastra Rupa’ Joglitfest at Museum Benteng Vredeburg Yogyakarta Indonesia

        - ‘UOB Painting Of The Year 2019’ at Museum Indonesia Jakarta

        - Perupa Muda ‘PAP!’ at Balai Banjar Sangkring Yogyakarta Indonesia

        - ‘Uneed Studio; Kertas Memanggil’ di Uneed Studio Kasongan Yogyakarta Indonesia

        -‘Transposisi’ at Langgeng Art Foundation Yogyakarta Indonesia


​2018  -“To be known” at Indies Heritage Hotel Yogyakarta

         - ‘8 Kota’ at PKKH UGM Yogyakarta


2017  - Perupa Muda #2 ”November on Paper” at Sangkring Art Space Yogyakarta


2016 - “All Etno” at Galeri Besar ISI Surakarta

        - “All u can art” at Jogja Nasional Museum

2015 - “UOB Painting Of The Year 2015” at Galeri UOB Jakarta

        - Postcard Exhibition "White Shouse & The Couples Company" at Graha Bhakti Budaya, Taman Ismail Marzuki,Cikini Jakarta

        - FKY-27“Edan-edanan” at Plasa Ngasem Yogyakarta

        - “Art for Orangutan” at Jogja National Museum Yogyakarta

        - “UnderConctruction”at Jogja Galery Yogyakarta


2014 - Competition Exhibition YSRI“Menuju Indonesia Sejahtera” at Plaza Senayan Jakarta

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