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"Our Memory"

Limited Edition Product - Al Fitr 2024

Mutiara Riswari X Alchemist Fragrance

In the realm of artistry and scent, a harmonious collaboration has emerged, weaving together the creative prowess of Mutiara Riswari and the olfactory mastery of Alchemist Fragrance. Their collective endeavor has borne fruit in a limited edition series titled "Our Memory"  of the Al Fitr 2024.

Alchemist Fragrance stands as a beacon of innovation and luxury in perfumery. With a legacy spanning decades, it has continually redefined the boundaries of scent craftsmanship. From exquisite blends inspired by nature's splendor to avant-garde compositions that evoke emotions, Alchemist Fragrance has garnered worldwide acclaim for its commitment to excellence.

"Our Memory," collaboration encapsulates the essence of shared experiences and cherished moments. Mutiara Riswari, celebrated for her evocative artworks that resonate deeply with audiences, brings her unique perspective to the fragrance world. Infusing each scent with narratives of nostalgia, joy, and love, she transports wearers to a realm where memories intertwine with fragrant notes.

A limited edition of "Our Memory" is available for purchase and collection both online and at select offline stores of Alchemist Fragrance.

Video and photo: alchemist.fragrance

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