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Solo Exhibition by Mutiara Riswari 

1 - 16 March 2024


GALLERY HAYASHI + ART BRIDGE is pleased to present the first solo exhibition in Tokyo of new work by Mutiara Riswari entitled Seeing is Believing. The show on view from 1st March and run through 16 March 2024, marking the artists' first solo exhibition in Japan and the third shows with the gallery.


Following on from the group exhibition (In Different Ways) and art fair (ART FAIR ASIA FUKUOKA), this solo exhibition, Seeing is Believing takes the audiences on an introspective journey, providing space for a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them.

Curatorial text
By Adhi Pandoyo
Mutiara Riswari
Gallery Hayashi + Art Bridge
Tokyo, Japan

I have invested the last two years observing and collaborating with Mutiara Riswari's works, and I have realized that Mutiara's artistic journey begins with the courage to pursue a personal path, from understanding history and identity to continuing artistic exploration using lines, strokes, and colour. Especially in identifying and applying colours from acrylic and pastel, which she has known since childhood. Mutiara aims to patent a technical aspect of her most recent work in this exhibition, these works began with Mutiara's attempts to eliminate brushstrokes. So she gives and controls the space on her painting, transforming it into a moment of appreciation. She intentionally repeated the accumulating scratches in a conscious and controlled manner. Thus, this stage of her art is more therapeutic. As a consequence, this time the work is more focused on mature SEEING IS BELIEVING Mutiara Riswari Gallery Hayashi + Art Bridge Tokyo, Japan composition and efforts to objectify consciousness during the creative process. According to Deleuzian perspective, art is a type of experience of sublimation and chaos that can be described via sensational logic. The logic of experience is distinct from the logic of language or mathematics in that Deleuze recognizes it as "the body without organs is flesh and nerve; a wave flows through it and traces levels upon it." Mutiara's abstract works can thus be investigated using the logic of sensation, specifically by observing how abstract language appears on paint or paper. This means that there are times when we are invited to approach a work of art without philosophy or framework and simply enjoy the experience of encountering it. Gazing and believing. Toward the invention of Mutiara Riswari's abstract Mutiara's works of art reveal how works of art remain an important aspect of humanity and aesthetics, presenting an inner conflict that is not always formed or resolved. So, on display in this gallery (Gallery Hayashi + Art Bridge), challenge contemporary art in Southeast Asia and Asia in general to position itself in the current constellation of world painting. To what extent is it a public need and deliberation about art, and to what extent is art a part of every human being's inner landscape and humanity? Can abstract aesthetics be an abstraction of life's unspeakable joys and sorrows? Mutiara Riswari's work invites us to embrace sublimation and chaos both inside ourselves and in works of art. Her work invites everyone to investigate the abstract, beginning with the sense of sight and simply gazing, finding traces in the scratches, hues, and gaps, before we are urged to believe in the art itself. Did you see, did you believe? 16 February 2024 Yogyakarta, Indonesia Adhi Pandoyo

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